Amazing Graceland

Amazing Graceland

Celebrate Elvis's birthday with a commemorative ornament

Elvis was born on January 8, and to celebrate Graceland will hold a week-long series of events. Some of these include a gospel music concert, trivia tour, and Elvis bingo to name a few. Not everyone can spend the King of Rock and Roll's birthday in Memphis, but there are plenty of Elvis ornaments that can help fans commemorate this special occasion.

One of the King's most popular hits was "Blue Suede Shoes", so it's no surprise there is an ornament that represents this classic song.  At 3 1/4" long, these adorable shoes have "Elvis" across the front of them in gold sequins. There's no need to worry about stepping on them when they are hung from the attached gold cord.

Elvis figurines also make interesting Christmas tree ornaments. Fans can choose ones with the King in either a white, gold or blue jumpsuit. These ornaments are made from resin so they are extremely durable. Since they are very rigid, they can not only be hung on a Christmas tree, but stood up on a shelf or mantle as well.

Some other popular choices include ornaments with images of Elvis inside a television or on a glass ball. Oversized sunglasses, gold and silver record albums, and guitars are also available. Candy lovers may want to consider M & M figurines dressed like the King and holding either a microphone or guitar. Collecting Elvis ornaments can be an interesting way to enhance a room that has 1950’s decor or remember the life and legacy of the King.