Slavic Ornaments-Delicate and Unique

Slavic Ornaments-Delicate and Unique


Slavic Treasures was founded in 1998 and creates unique glass-blown ornaments. Since its inception, founder Glen Lewis has created thousands of collectible ornaments with an interesting flair from blown glass. His creations range from very whimsical to more traditional designs in a variety of different themes.

Animal ornaments are popular among the Slavic line. These animals can be anything from a camel with an extremely long neck to a deer with oversized antlers. Others such as the dolphin ornament are created to be realistic representations of their animal counterparts.  Some of the more brightly colored animal ornaments are found in the bug and insect category. Here you can find replicas of caterpillars, grasshoppers, ladybugs, and even the “chigger”.

There is also a collection of frog ornaments available. Many feature frogs performing unique activities such as playing football or conducting an orchestra. Most of them appear to be dressed in costumes ranging from a ballerina dress to a Buckingham Palace guard.

These ornaments are rather pricey, beginning at around $20 each with many costing well over $100. This price does not include shipping and handling charges. As such, they are mostly intended to be collectible ornaments rather than being placed on your tree.

For those who are looking for a less expensive ornament, Slavic does have a selection of resin ornaments available. These mostly represent animal figures such as a chicken, wolf, or fox. In this line, the animal figures are more traditional looking rather than being whimsical. Resin Slavic ornaments cost around $5.99 and can be ordered at