Using Ornaments to Jazz up Container Gardens

Using Ornaments to Jazz up Container Gardens

Spring is the time to start growing vegetables and flowers in patio containers. Many people like to place interesting decorations in their flowerpots to add visual interest. Some types of ornaments can actually make excellent container accents, so they can be enjoyed not only at Christmas, but year-round as well.

Ceramic birdhouses, feathers, and artificial birds make excellent container decorations. You can either hang these ornaments from small shepherd’s hooks or tuck them into the foliage of a very large plant.  Some can also be placed on a stick and then placed in the dirt at the edge of a container.

Large tropical plants can serve as a makeshift Christmas tree. Why not hang miniature ornaments from the branches of this greenery. If you’re placing them on a patio, you could even add a few miniature Christmas lights so that the plants can provide accent lighting at night.

Handmade ornaments work well in pots.  Knitting, crocheting, or doing needlepoint can allow you to make a custom ornament that will complement the garden and the types of plants you have there. For example, you may want to make handmade butterflies if you are creating a butterfly garden or simply a small welcome sign if the container is near your front door. You can hang these ornaments with a piece of string, a twist tie, or an ornament hook.

To protect your ornaments from weather damage, you can laminate them or paint them with a type of polyurethane. This is not needed when using ceramic or plastic ornaments, as these are generally waterproof. Feel free to experiment with different ornaments so you can create a custom look for your backyard garden or patio and enjoy your seasonal ornaments even during the summer months.