March 2012

Using Ornaments to Jazz up Container Gardens

Spring is the time to start growing vegetables and flowers in patio containers. Many people like to place interesting decorations in their flowerpots to add visual interest. Some types of ornaments can actually make excellent container accents, so they can be enjoyed not only at Christmas, but year-round as well.

Ceramic birdhouses, feathers, and artificial birds make excellent container decorations. You can either hang these ornaments from small shepherd’s hooks or tuck them into the foliage of a very large plant.  Some can also be placed on a stick and then placed in the dirt at the edge of a container.

Large tropical plants can serve as a makeshift Christmas tree. Why not hang miniature ornaments from the branches of this greenery. If you’re placing them on a patio, you could even add a few miniature Christmas lights so that the plants can provide accent lighting at night.

Getting Ready for Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to remember the life and ministry of Saint Patrick than with some ornaments?  Some symbols that often remind people of this holiday include clover and leprechauns, but just about anything green will also work well.  The Bounty Towels website gives some directions for how to make simple ornaments that you can use to celebrate this holiday.

History and Nostalgia in the Form of an Ornament

In 2011, Hallmark began offering their commemorative Chevrolet Corvette ornament. This ornament was created to honor the 100th anniversary of the Corvette. It features a black sports car complete slanted hood, rounded front bumper and oval-shaped headlights. It also has a Plexiglas windshield and rubber tires complete with sporty rims. The doors of this commemorative automobile also open. There is a special slot on the top of the car for placing a string or ornament hook, and it can also be displayed in the box it is sold in.

The 100th anniversary Chevy Corvette is not the first sports car ornament offered by Hallmark. In fact, the company began offering classic car ornaments as early as 1991. In that year, a classic red and white Corvette was the choice for collectors to take advantage of. Unlike the latest offering, this one was actually a convertible model.