June 2012

Year-round ornaments

You didn’t think they were just for Christmas, did you?

My family and I love ornaments. We are happy paganish hippie people, so I suppose it’s no surprise that we love to collect fairies, Buddha statues and yes, the occasional E.T. or Star Wars collectible. We do go all-out for Christmas decorating (it’s a very pagan holiday, actually, though we sometimes call it Yule in our family), but ornaments aren’t just for the winter season. We love our ornaments year-round! Here are just a few ideas for seasonal ornaments in your home or yard.


Though Santa, snowmen and candy canes are some of our favorite winter ornaments, my family also loves to make orange pomanders, glitter-covered pinecones, Cheerio bird feeders shaped like candy canes and stars (just string them on pipe cleaners, then shape them), and many other homemade ornaments. Our favorites are always the homemade ones! Winter is also a great time for winter bird, polar bear, penguin, and other wintery animal ornaments.